Spring / Summer

2023  sunshine hair collection 

My Sunbeam hair collection of spring-summer 2023 was inspired by the beauty of nature, the sun’s rays, and the French woman. The elegant and feminine collection plays with natural colours and soft waves to evoke the changes of seasons. The unique styles and textures show that hair is not just a simple strand, but an expressive tool through which its wearer can express their personality. We hope that the Sunbeam collection will make people feel joyful and help them discover the charm of new styles.


Hair: Erica Dancso
Coach: Laetitia Guenaou
Photo: Jacek Ura
Models: Fanni Kerepesi ,Hanna Noémi Perfect Models Hungary
Backstage Photo: Lightfactory
Studio Make-up:  Ágoston Szilvia, Enikő Kovács
Stylist: Erika Csaba Fashion
designers:  Kiss Márk Official, Viktória Varga Budapest, Eacre Design
Assistant: Fanni Pataki