My new 2022 collection is fire and passion

I love introducing my job with my thoughts and my perspective of fashion. This year’s autumn-winter collection is slightly different. These pictures are reflecting my inner emotions and representing my gratitude.

Nature, plants, animals and trees are based on my photo project but this occasion it was inspired by laetitia guencaou.

Energy, fire and passion for this profession is the key element. These photos are the reflection that I have received. Many thanks for Laetitia Guenauo, Ada Tatomir  and our profession


Hair: Erica Dancso
Coach: Laetitia Guenaou
Photo: Jacek Ura
Models: Sophie Krupińsky, Emilia Kawa, Alicia Romero Armero
Backstage Photo: Alex Czyba
Make-up:  Karolina Supernak
Stylist: Weronika Wysoczyńska
Fashion designers:  Żaneta Barbarewicz, Paulina Janiuk, Klaudia Klimas
Press Kit:  Katarzyna Wojdyła
Assistant:  Gabriela Markowska
Executive Production: Ola Dyras