Autumn / Winter

2023 autumn winter hair collection: 

The universe

My fall-winter 2023 hair collection draws inspiration from the harmony of the universe and French style.

The shine of the stars and the elegance of Paris meet in these hairstyles, which give their wearers a unique character.

Each hairstyle carries a small detail of this wonderful duo, thus opening up a whole new dimension in hair fashion.


Hair: Erica Dancso
Coach: Laetitia Guenaou
Photo: Jacek Ura
Models: Fanni Kerepesi ,Hanna Noémi Perfect Models Hungary
Backstage Photo: Lightfactory
Studio Make-up:  Ágoston Szilvia, Enikő Kovács
Stylist: Erika Csaba Fashion
designers:  Kiss Márk Official, Viktória Varga Budapest, Eacre Design
Assistant: Fanni Pataki